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Important Notes:

  • Finding Your Perfect Match: Below are brief descriptions of some of our dogs that are available for adoption. Because the list is constantly changing, we recommend that you apply to adopt as soon as you are ready and work with an Adoption Coordinator, who can provide you with more info about dogs that are a good match for you and your lifestyle.  

  • Adopting with Children: The safety of children in an adoptive home is one of our greatest priorities. Learn more about our approach to placing dogs in homes where little ones are present.

  • Adopting as a Townhome or Apartment Resident: As many of our dogs come from rural areas—where they have limited exposure to cars, new people and dogs, unexpected noises, and being leashed—we may limit placements for some dogs to single-family homes. Learn more > 

  • Adopting & Fences: We require fences for some of our dogs for a range of reasons. Learn more >

  • Heartworm: About ten percent of our dogs are diagnosed with Heartworm disease during their initial vetting. Heartworm is treatable, and Lab Rescue provides treatment for all infected dogs at no cost to the adopter. Learn more >

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Willow #2




2 years

Good with:

Kids 15+, Dogs, No townhomes


A loving forever home with a physical fence and another dog

Sweet Silly Willow!


Willow is an extremely sweet and loving dog with a perpetual puppy face. She is equally happy going on a fun outing, staying at home, snuggling on the couch, or hanging out in the backyard. She loves swimming and is always up for a game of fetch. She loves playing with the pups in her foster home and is quite tolerant with puppies. She has a rough-and-tumble play style, and is a good playmate for those with an equally energetic style. Willow has come such a long way since she arrived at Lab Rescue with her 8 puppies. She was confused and very unsure about people, but her foster home and trainer have taught her how to meet new people with more confidence. Willow can still be shy with strangers, but if the new people ignore her, it usually takes less than a minute for Willow to introduce herself to them. She will even climb into their laps to get all the love, up close and personal. She would love a home with another doggie friend for companionship and to help boost her confidence. Once she's settled in, her family will get to see her silly and snuggly side. She often carries a toy around (the tinier the better) and tosses it into the air for entertainment.  

Playing with her toy: 


Getting scritches:   

Thank you to the following generous donors currently supporting Willow's care:

  • Sherry S.






6 years

Good with:

Kids 10+, Dogs, Townhomes


A loving forever home with a physical fence

Chocolate Kiss!

Willy is a very sweet boy who prefers a quiet home. He would do great with an equally laid-back resident dog and a family who is home most of the day. Willy is so happy and likes to give kisses! His tail never stops wagging. He loves long naps and enjoys being combed with his Furminator. Willy likes to communicate with his eyes and nose. He will stare at you or nose nudge you when he needs something. He loves going for his walks but also likes taking it easy inside and people-watching from the big window. Willy likes his routine - up at 7:30am, breakfast, sitting patiently in front of the front door until someone takes him for his morning constitution, regardless of the weather. He naps most of the day but rallies for his dinner, no later than 5pm, thank you. He will remind you if you forget with some nudges. When the sun goes down he nestles down for a good night's sleep. Willy has only barked once since he arrived at his foster home. An animal in the woods behind the house must have caught his attention, as he is very interested in squirrels and rabbits. Willy is learning new commands each day. He knows "sit" and "wait" and is learning "down." Since he is very food motivated, teaching commands has been easy. He has good house manners and can be left alone with no problems. He doesn’t bark and is not too interested in toys or balls. He does get car sick, so no long travel plans for this boy. He is very lovable and will make a wonderful companion.

Out on a walk:

Thank you to the following generous donors currently supporting Willy's care:

  • Joel T.

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