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An adoption fee is collected during the adoption process:

Before completing the application, we recommend that each applicant carefully read our adoption process, as well as confirm that you meet our adoption criteria in the checklist on the first page of the adoption application.


The adoption fees are non-refundable, including for those applicants who decide to return a dog that they adopted from Lab Rescue.


** Spay/Neuter Deposit: Lab Rescue will cover the cost of the spay/neuter if it is done at a Lab Rescue partner veterinarian. This deposit is refunded once we receive documentation that your new Lab has been spayed or neutered. We require that all adopted Labs be spayed or neutered. We make every effort to spay/neuter the dogs before they are adopted, except for cases in which the dog is too young or has a medical issue that has delayed the procedure.

What Does This Fee Cover?


The vast majority of Labs who join the Rescue are not only seeking a happy forever home, but a helping hand when it comes to their health and wellbeing. Many are strays or come from situations where vet care was not consistent or prioritized. As a result, they require comprehensive vetting and often require treatment for pre-existing diseases and conditions.


One of the key aspects of the Lab Rescue mission is coordinating and ensuring full veterinary services for all dogs who enter into our care. This can include a comprehensive physical exam, necessary vaccinations, blood tests for heartworm and tick-borne disease, spay/neuter procedures, microchipping, and treatment of conditions such as heartworm disease, tickborne diseases, orthopedic injuries, and other health concerns related to neglect. The Rescue works with trusted & experienced veterinary partners, all of whom graciously reduce service costs to support our mission.


The average cost of care for a Lab Rescue dog is $1000. The adoption fee covers only a fraction of this cost, and donations from supporters make it possible to fully provide the remainder needed for each Lab’s care.

Please note that the adoption fee is not tax deductible, per the IRS guidelines that state that there is no deduction to 501(c)(3) organization when “goods” (i.e. your new furry friend) are exchanged. However, all charitable donations to Lab Rescue are tax-deductible.

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Get to know some of the Labs who are in search of their forever homes.

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The application is the first step in the adoption process and helps us get to know you better. 

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