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Preparing for Life After COVID-19: Separation Anxiety Issues

For those who have adopted a dog since February 1st (or just prior to), we highly recommend watching this helpful video by Your Dog's Friend about how to manage separation anxiety once social restrictions are lifted. The video is filled with helpful tips and the key is starting your preparations now.

What is Positive Training and Why Is It Important?

Labs, like all dogs (and humans, too), respond best to positive training and we encourage all applicants to use that as a screening mechanism in evaluating possible classes and instructors. Praise good behavior and feed tasty treats and 99.99% of Labs will do anything you want! Negative corrections and punishment are not effective and not appropriate choices.


More information:

A list of positive dog trainers in the MD/Northern VA area:

If you would like to receive additional trainer recommendations, including those outside of the greater-DC area, please inquire with your Adoption Coordinator.

Helpful Reference Websites

GENERAL – videos on training as well as correcting behavioral issues, by topic – a range of solutions to common behavior problems, by topic – easy-to-read articles on different behavior issues, by topic – lots of valuable handouts – a resource for owners of fearful dogs

DOG-DOG RELATIONSHIPS – dog introductions – more strategies for helping furry siblings live in peace – introducing older dog to new puppy

DOG-CHILD SUCCESS – for new and growing families – child safety tips – child safety tips – bite prevention tips

Reference Books for Common Challenges

Have more questions about behavior & training?

Ask your Adoption Coordinator! 

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