What is Positive Training and Why Is It Important?

Labs, like all dogs (and humans, too), respond best to positive training and we encourage all applicants to use that as a screening mechanism in evaluating possible classes and instructors. Praise good behavior and feed tasty treats and 99.99% of Labs will do anything you want! Negative corrections and punishment are not effective and not appropriate choices.


More information:

A list of positive dog trainers in the MD/Northern VA area:

If you would like to receive additional trainer recommendations, including those outside of the greater-DC area, please inquire with your Adoption Coordinator.

Helpful Reference Websites

GENERAL – videos on training as well as correcting behavioral issues, by topic – a range of solutions to common behavior problems, by topic – easy-to-read articles on different behavior issues, by topic – lots of valuable handouts – a resource for owners of fearful dogs

DOG-DOG RELATIONSHIPS – dog introductions – more strategies for helping furry siblings live in peace – introducing older dog to new puppy

DOG-CHILD SUCCESS – for new and growing families – child safety tips – child safety tips – bite prevention tips

Reference Books for Common Challenges

Have more questions about behavior & training?

Ask your Adoption Coordinator! 


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