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Shadow and Spirit are a very male/female bonded pair. They just turned 8 years old, are completely house trained, and are well-mannered in the house. Both love the attention of humans! Their rescuers say they are great with people and children.


These buddies are incredibly easygoing—they lay around the house all day, with maybe a little romp and play with each other. Once they lay down, they need to be touching each other which is very cute and sweet.

Shadow and Spirit do know some commands—sit and down—and they take treats very gently. They walk pretty well on a leash. They can be trusted in a home without being crated. They both ride well in the car.

Spirit & Shadow

Shadow & Spirit are looking for a new home after their previous owner had to enter hospice. Both dogs are spayed/netuered, up-to-date on vaccines, and tested negative for Heartworm. We do not know how they dowith other dogs or cats.  

If you are able to help either foster or adopt, please contact Promises Animal Rescue at or call 703-754-1838

Piglet is a 4-year old, hazel-eyed pup who wants nothing but love and to be loved. Head scratches and belly rubs? Yes please!! Piglet is a wonderful house guest who certainly lives up to his name! Not only does he wiggle his stubby tail like a pig would, one of the best things about him is how he snorts like a pig while he sleeps and eats his meals. It's absolutely adorable! Piglet LOVES his humans and anyone he meets and needs to be the only dog to get all the attention at home. This smart boy already knows a handful of commands, is perfectly happy sleeping in his bed at night, but will snuggle up on the couch with you when invited to do so. Whether you want to hang out at home, take long walks or run some errands, this sweet and loving boy is always happy to just go with the flow and be by your side. He will be a wonderful addition to his furever family who will be lucky to have this love bug in their lives.


Piglet has a large personality and will require a strong pack leader to provide rules and consistency. He's a high energy lab that would be a great running or exercise partner and definitely has the brain to work in some agility and training too.  He'll definitely need consistent training as he likes to try to be the alpha dog at times.  Only those committed to his ongoing obedience training, exercise, and overall love and adoration should consider adopting this beauty. Piglet would do best in a home without dogs, cats, or kids.

Take a look inside this photo gallery for additional pictures. Check out this video of Piglet:

Piglet is with Lucky Dog Animal Rescue, located in Northern Virginia. To learn more about him, reach out to Ashley at

Watson is a 8 month old puppy that is full of silliness, sneakiness, and love! He is combination of a couch shark, cuddle bug, and clown. He is silly, exuberant, and cuddly, but listens well and is quick to please. This guy is absolutely amazing and if his foster mom had room for one more, she'd totally be keeping him because he's that amazing.

Watson comes to a whistle - just whistle for this guy and he'll come galloping! He is definitely a snuggler - the more snuggles, the better. He loves to put his head right in the crook of your arm. He is still a little reserved with strangers and will need some time to acclimate to a new home. He absolutely needs another dog companion to pal around with - he loves his foster brothers and sisters and loves to play! He is gentle with them and submissive, and has had no issues with male or female dogs.


Watson is an indoor dog and does not know what to do if he's left alone in a yard, so will need a family that will keep him indoors. He is crate-trained and sleeps well in his crate (even though his foster mom sometimes lets him sleep in the bedroom too). He loves to be near his family and will cheerfully hang around the house. He's fine on a leash. 

Watson is with Soho Dog Rescue,  a Virginia-based animal rescue. If you are interested in adopting Watson, please a fill out the application on their website

Lana is a cute chocolate girl! She is 6 years old but you’d never know it. She loves to play with all toys. Lana is also very clever and knows commands like “sit”, “down”, “stay” and “shake”. With a little more training, Lana could be fetching the newspaper for you! She walks very well on a leash and loves getting attention.


Lana would do best in a home as the only dog and without children. She has displayed resource guarding behavior with her food bowl and doesn't enjoy being around other dogs. She is looking for a loving home that is willing to give her the companionship she deserves and help her navigate things in life that upset her. 

If you would like to learn more about Lana, please contact:


My name is Solo and I’d love a job. Could I interest you in hiring me as your furever guy? I’ve been out pounding the streets looking for a family to call my own.


My resume includes words like “goofy” and “friendly” and they’re pretty accurate. But I am so much more. I’m a 92 pound dane/lab mix and that comes with a lot of useful skills: I’m very strong and I love the water. I’d be a great lifeguard for your pool! I adore people and am quite entertaining. I could be a wonderful host for your visiting family and friends. And, I love food. And if you need to practice your cooking skills, I’d love to be your taste-tester. My tummy doesn’t lie. But, if you have gained a few pounds or feel a little blah – call me “Coach” and we can workout together.


I could be all of those things for you, but the job I’m really looking for is to be your BFF (that’s “best friend furever”). We could just hang out together on the deck or on the couch and I’d be the happiest guy just because I’m with you.


Solo is great with other dogs and does not react to the cats at the kennel. He should not go to a home with kids. If you are interested in meeting this handsome boy please email us at

Watch Solo:

Annie is believed to be a mix of Lab and Golden Retriever and is about 10 years old. 


Annie is completely house trained and always sleeps soundly through the night.  She weighs about 70 lbs and is very strong.  Annie is extremely affectionate and loves attention. Although she knows commands like sit, lay down, and give me your paw, she can be quite stubborn when you tell her to come while she is busy sniffing around. She enjoys being brushed, having her belly rubbed, and getting massages. Annie likes to take walks so that she can sniff everything in sight or go for a quick swim in a river.

Because she was a stray, her forever home should be adult only or with kids over 14. She is friendly with anyone who comes in the house and wants them to pet her, and she is fine with other dogs once she gets to know them.


Annie would probably do best with someone who lives on a big fenced lot or on a farm. Since she has moved out to a foster home in a more rural place, Annie has thrived and her sweet personality shines. Annie is healthy and only takes a daily joint supplement for the beginning stages of arthritis. If you are looking for a great companion to keep you company, Annie may be for you!

Annie is with GRREAT, a Golden Retriever rescue.  If you are interested in adopting her, you will need to go through GRREAT's approval process.  Please contact for more information about Annie or to get started on their approval process.


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