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We are happy to highlight dogs available with individual owners, fosters and other rescue organizations. Each dog's profile include contact information if you are interested in learning more about that dog. If you would like to list a dog on our Courtesy Page, please email photos and a written description of your dog to


Please note that Lab Rescue LRCP has no association with and has not evaluated the dogs listed on this page.



Age: ~6 Months

SEX:  Male


LOCATED:  Knoxville, MD

Gets Along With: Adults, Children, Dogs, Cats

What My Foster Says About Me: Max is full of energy, joy and has lots of love to share. Enjoys running around the yard and playing with his sister Maple and other dogs. He has learned to use the doggy door, but will need help when switched to a new routine, he will also need help with basic manners and walking on a leash. He is healthy, microchipped and up to date on vaccines and just needs a family to call his own.

TO ADOPT: Contact Mastiffs To Mutts Rescue, Inc at or submit an Adoption Application on our website.



Age: ~6 Months

SEX:  Female


LOCATED:  Knoxville, MD

Gets Along With: Adults, Children, Dogs, Cats

What My Foster Says About Me: Maple is a sweet, happy energetic ball of love. She enjoys being outside running around, playing with her brother Max and other dogs. She has learned to use the doggy door, but will need help when switched to a new routine, she will also need help with basic manners and walking on a leash.  She is healthy, microchipped and up to date on vaccines and just needs a family to call her own.

TO ADOPT: Contact Mastiffs To Mutts Rescue, Inc at or submit an Adoption Application on our website.

Raven 03.28.24.jpg


Age: 2.5 Years Old

SEX:  Female


LOCATED:  Charlotte, NC

Gets Along With: Adults, Dogs

What My Foster Says About Me: Raven is a 2.5 year old female, currently weighing 52 pounds. She was found as a stray & brought to a kill shelter. It was found that she had an eyelid birth defect where she couldn't keep her eyes open because it was painful to her. Thankfully, it has been repaired, and she is living pain free now!


She is the sweetest dog for her going through who knows how much in her life so far! She seems to be so grateful to be in a home setting again! She gets overly excited when she sees cats and some dogs while leash walking, but we've been working on a lot of training with her & socializing her with our cat!


  • Super sweet, affectionate, & playful

  • VERY smart & learns quickly, potty trained, knows ALL basic commands (Drop it, Come, Leave it, Sit & Down Stay, etc)

  • Really great with dogs, people, kids, the vet, & car rides, & excellent going in her kennel

  • Good leash walking with an Easy Walk Harness

  • She is also food motivated, and she loves to play with rope toys, fetch, balls, & chewy

  • She's curious about everything and many times wants to be by your side to see what you're doing

  • She also loves her belly rubbed

  • She also loves hiking and swimming

TO ADOPT: Please contact with interest in Raven

Dixie 03.28.24.jpg


Age: 2 Years Old

SEX:  Female


LOCATED:  Charlotte, NC

Gets Along With: Adults, Dogs

What My Foster Says About Me: Dixie is 2 years old, 50 lbs She was adopted a year ago, but she is currently living in an apartment and doesn't have time to give her the exercise she needs. She is an incredibly sweet and friendly lab/Shepherd mix. She has lots of energy and loves to be outside, playing with my friends or snuggling with my people on the couch. She still gets a little anxious in the car, so make sure to bring extra peanut butter. She gets along great with other dogs, but hasn't really been around cats, so they make her a little nervous. She needs a loving home/family that will not leave her alone all day and can give her lost of exercise.

TO ADOPT: Please contact with interest in Dixie



Age: 9 months

SEX:  Female


LOCATED:  Frederick, MD

Gets Along With: Adults, Dogs

What My Foster Says About Me: Autumn is a 9 month-old Lab/Malinois mix. She is currently living with my husband and I in Frederick, MD. Our home consists of a 12-year-old Akita/Shepard mix and 3 young cats. She came from a relative that was keeping her outside with no proper shelter and consistent access to food or water. She is potty and crate trained. She knows her basic cues and definitely has the drive and motivation to learn more. She is an adrenaline junkie who is highly treat and toy motivated. We are currently working on her impulse control and waiting for reinforcers. This has been particularly helpful since she’s recently been getting very playful and overly excited with our youngest cat. For this reason, I would not recommend her going to a home with cats. She is very friendly, playful, and affectionate with people and other dogs. She enjoys any high adrenaline games/activities such as playing with flirt pole, tug-a-war, fetch, hiking, dog park, etc. She’ll do best in a home with an experienced active family and another dog with a playful style. She is up to date on her vaccines including rabies and has a scheduled spay appointment in June (earliest I could get for low-cost spay).

TO ADOPT: Contact Sarah at



Age: 4 months

SEX:  Male


LOCATED:  South Boston, VA

Gets Along With: Adults, Dogs, Children

What My Foster Says About Me: Meet Bob! This sweet puppy was born 6/30/23. Bob is a crate and  doggy door trained. He loves other dogs and loves to get snuggles. Bob was part of a litter of  7 puppies surrendered to our rescue.  Four of Bob's siblings have been adopted, but Bob and two others are still looking for homes.  Bob is a gorgeous chocolate Lab mix boy with beautiful golden eyes.  Bob is up to date on all vaccines and has been neutered.

TO ADOPT: Contact Halifax Dog Squad at or (434) 222-4686



Age: 1

SEX:  Male


LOCATED:  Richmond, VA

Gets Along With: Adults, Dogs, Cats

What My Foster Says About Me: Hi, I’m Luigi, but you can call me Luey. You may have seen me here already, I’ve been looking for my forever family for my whole life – over a year – but I haven’t found them yet. My foster mom told me not to give up; she says “there’s a lid for every pot” so I guess I’m here looking for my lid. I hope that’s you! My sister and I came to Lab Rescue as puppies; she was adopted but I wasn’t. I was pretty scared taking the big trip to Richmond and then not having my sister, but I learned I wasn’t all alone – I got a great foster family with foster pup-siblings! My foster family taught me how to be the bestest boy and have the bestest time! We have so much fun together! We go for hikes and swims and all kinds of adventures. I love going to the open park my foster mom takes me to play at and making new friends! I can make friends with any dog and I really love playing with the big guys! One of my best friends is a Great Dane; I think we might secretly be twins but my foster mom says probably not! I love to play and swim and live my best pup-life! I would love to have a playful pup-sibling in my forever home!


The only thing I don’t love is kids; they move so quickly + make so many noises and, well, they definitely scare me. My foster mom says that’s okay, you can just hang out with dogs – they aren’t scary at all! I like cats too! I try to play with the cat in my home but they aren’t really that into fetch. I also try to play with squirrels and rabbits but my foster mom says chasing isn’t playing and makes me come inside (c’mon mom!). When I’m not playing with my friends, I love to nap! I say I’m saving up my energy for playtime! I really love to nap in my crate! I hope I can find my forever family soon! I can’t wait to have my own home and my own family to love! I just keep thinking you have to be out there somewhere! The perfect family for me would have another dog (or dogs) that will play with me, but no kids (too scary!). They’ll take me on walks and adventures so I can keep discovering the world and meeting more friends. They’ll have a fenced-in backyard where I can play, nap, and look for squirrels. But most of all, they’ll love me and be my best friends for life! I really hope I can find my lid; this lil’ pot is ready to go home!

TO ADOPT: $300 adoption fee is sponsored

To adopt contact Lab Rescue of Greater Richmond: Lab Rescue of Greater Richmond

Adoption Application can be found here



Age: Estimated to be 3-5 Years

SEX:  Female



Gets Along With: Adults, other dogs in the home

What My Foster Says About Me: This is lovely Lorelai. An adorable au naturale Doberman/Labrador with soft floppy ears you can’t help rubbing and a long tail that never stops wagging. You get the best of both breeds with this special girl!  Lorelai was found as a stray. She is estimated to be 3-5 years old. It looked like she was a new mama, but no puppies could be found. It’s clear she hasn’t had a pampered life, but she couldn’t be any sweeter, and she’s looking for a home that will give her all the love she deserves because, literally, that’s all she wants.


It is a pleasure to walk Lorelai. She does very well on a leash. She rarely pulls. She spends most of a walk in the heel position without even knowing that’s where she’s supposed to be. She will lunge at a squirrel on occasion, if you’re not looking, but a gentle “leave it” reminder gets her attention. There’s no speed walking with Lorelai, so she would not be a good running partner. She is food motivated and will counter-surf if given the opportunity. She does not know basic commands, but as she is such a laid-back, easy-going lady, she is well behaved. Most of her time is spent following her person around, and napping if you finally stay in one place. She will love everyone in the family, but she clearly needs the love and attention of the one she has determined is the leader (the one who walks and feeds her). She is 110% lapdog and wants to be as close to you as possible.


When left alone, she spends time in her crate. She barks and cries for a few minutes at first, but calms down and is good for up to 7-8 hours. As you get to know her and trust her, she would most certainly be ok out of the crate when alone. At night she likes to sleep next to her person. She doesn’t snuggle too close and politely gives you your space. She’s happy just to be near you. She is housebroken and it’s obvious she knows her way around a house, so it seems that she had a home at one point. She rides well in the car and waits politely at the front door until you open it. She doesn’t show interest in toys or chewing bones, but absolutely loves treats and a peanut butter-filled Kong. Lorelai can be an only dog or in a home with a doggie friend.


If you’re looking for a sweet companion who will love you unconditionally, Lorelai is your gal.


TO ADOPT: DAR&E only places within the Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, Delaware, and in portions of both eastern West Virginia and southern Pennsylvania. Please do no apply to adopt if you live outside of those areas. Please visit their Adoption Process page for additional information on adopting one of our DAR&E Dobermans & an online application!



Age: 5 Months    

SEX:  Female


LOCATED:  Collegeville, PA

Say hello to Pepper! Pepper is a 5 month old Retriever mix. Pepper is potty trained, crate trained, leash trained, and knows basic commands. Because she is still little, she will need an owner who will be consistent in continuing to train her with positive reinforcement and treats. She has been professionally trained on a weekly basis since she was 13 weeks old. 

Pepper is good with children and is currently in a home with five of them. She is used to busy, active households, but also enjoys her time alone at home with just mom. She loves going for rides in the car and joining in the family's activities.

Pepper does show fear aggression towards other dogs, so she will need to be the only dog in a home, until she has been successfully trained to not be scared. She also does not like to be bothered when she is sleeping after a long day- she needs her beauty rest!

Will you give this sweet gal with beautiful coloring a home to do her favorite activity (laying in the yard and chewing a stick)?


TO ADOPT: Email Megan Ford ( or call 484-225-2170


Big Mikey

Age: 3 years     


SEX:  Male


Approximate Weight: 64 lbs.

Gets Along With: Big Mikey lives with other dogs and does very well. He would do best in a home with no cats or kids.


Currently Living at: DC area foster home.


Big Mikey is Looking For:  Humans who love him as much as he loves them! Big Mikey is a big sweetie who's seeking his very own home.  Look at that beautiful, well built boy! He has a sturdy exterior but a heart of mush - this sweet boy just wants to be safe and loved in his forever home. At around two years of age, he's out of the puppy yips and has gained the wisdom of an awesome adult dog - but he's got all the energy for a young dog and is ready to trot with you! What do you say? Is Big Mikey your match for your next adventure and many more to follow?


What My Foster Says About Me: Big Mikey is an oversized goof ball who adores his people and other dogs. He lives with large and small dogs and is a happy go lucky boy. His favorite activities include chewing on sticks, wrestling with his dog foster siblings, and chasing/being chased by his dog friends. After a full day of fun he enjoys cuddling with his humans or curling up at their feet -- sometimes he even chooses to sleep in a tiny dog bed when a large one is right next to it -- so funny! Lucky Dog cannot guarantee any dog is housebroken.  All of our dogs are working on their crate training.


TO ADOPT: The adoption fee for this dog is $400, which includes the cost of routine vetting, including vaccinations and spay/neuter. If you are interested in adopting, please complete the Adoption Questionnaire online HERE.



Ruthie is a very friendly, affectionate, completely housebroken, 11 month old Lab/Hound mix. She is spayed, micro chipped and up-to-date on all vaccines (including Lyme) and she is on heart worm preventive medication. Ruthie loves people (especially men) and other dogs.


She has some separation anxiety, and would do well in a home with another (not too small) friendly dog who can play with her and keep her company, and/or people who are home during the day.  Since she sometimes jumps up, she would not be good with small children. She has lived with a cat in the past, but I don't know how she is with cats in general.


Ruthie is very sweet, but can be stubborn, and she has some allergies (itchy skin) and gets sick in the car, though she may outgrow this. She has a medium energy level and a medium level of dominance. She usually walks well on a leash but sometimes will decide she doesn't want to come in the house on her return, and has to be coaxed up the driveway with dog biscuits. She really enjoys being outside, and so a fenced yard is required--at least four feet tall. She also will only be placed in a non-smoking home.


For more information contact Annie at:  540-951-3547 (please leave a voicemail AND your phone number when you call if Annie is not able to answer) or you can email Annie at:

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