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Shelby and Jack

Shelby, a Golden Retriever, is about 12 years old.  She’s carefree and loves everyone and everything; her tail never stops wagging.  Jack, who is about 10 years old, is the most handsome Black Lab ever!  He can sometimes be unsure of himself and needs some encouragement, but a toss of a tennis ball that he will happily return to you, over and over again, and the worries all disappear.  Between the two of them, this fun pair love all things that Retrievers do; they love attention, being with their people, being outside, being lazy, and they are eager to please.  Shelby and Jack do not play together but they coexist peacefully and like (and need) each other’s company.  They will be best as only dogs and limited steps because Shelby, who loves to be with her people, is not able to do too many of them. Also, a dog-savvy home with children over 10 years old will be best.  Shelby and Jack can be left for a few hours during the day because they have pretty good house manners.  They are also good with cats, and they know the basic commands.  Yes, having two dogs means twice as many muddy paw prints in the house, and twice as much hair, but the best part is that it also means twice as many dogs to love who will double the love they give you back. 


This bonded pair is currently in Northern Virginia. For more information, please contact GRREAT's Adoption Coordinator,



Ruthie is a very friendly, affectionate, completely housebroken, 11 month old Lab/Hound mix. She is spayed, micro chipped and up-to-date on all vaccines (including Lyme) and she is on heart worm preventive medication. Ruthie loves people (especially men) and other dogs.


She has some separation anxiety, and would do well in a home with another (not too small) friendly dog who can play with her and keep her company, and/or people who are home during the day.  Since she sometimes jumps up, she would not be good with small children. She has lived with a cat in the past, but I don't know how she is with cats in general.


Ruthie is very sweet, but can be stubborn, and she has some allergies (itchy skin) and gets sick in the car, though she may outgrow this. She has a medium energy level and a medium level of dominance. She usually walks well on a leash but sometimes will decide she doesn't want to come in the house on her return, and has to be coaxed up the driveway with dog biscuits. She really enjoys being outside, and so a fenced yard is required--at least four feet tall. She also will only be placed in a non-smoking home.


For more information contact Annie at:  540-951-3547 (please leave a voicemail AND your phone number when you call if Annie is not able to answer) or you can email Annie at: