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Important Notes:

  • Finding Your Perfect Match: Below are brief descriptions of some of our dogs that are available for adoption. Because the list is constantly changing, we recommend that you apply to adopt as soon as you are ready and work with an Adoption Coordinator, who can provide you with more info about dogs that are a good match for you and your lifestyle.  

  • Adopting with Children: The safety of children in an adoptive home is one of our greatest priorities. Learn more about our approach to placing dogs in homes where little ones are present.

  • Adopting as a Townhome or Apartment Resident: As many of our dogs come from rural areas—where they have limited exposure to cars, new people and dogs, unexpected noises, and being leashed—we may limit placements for some dogs to single-family homes. Learn more > 

  • Adopting & Fences: We require fences for some of our dogs for a range of reasons. Learn more >

  • Heartworm: About ten percent of our dogs are diagnosed with Heartworm disease during their initial vetting. Heartworm is treatable, and Lab Rescue provides treatment for all infected dogs at no cost to the adopter. Learn more >

Townhome Approved





5 months

Good with:

Kids 0+, Dogs, Cats, townhomes


A loving forever home with a physical fence and another dog

One swell pup!

What a gem of a young pup! Sweet Polly spent the week with a temporary foster and she had a blast with the kiddos in the home. We learned that she needs to go to a home with another dog as she went back into shy mode and really wasn't certain about a few things. But once back with her foster family and their dogs Polly was her silly, happy self and could not get enough of the resident pups. When a friend brought their young Golden over to play Polly was over the moon to meet another young playful pup. Though she is gentle in her play she would likely do best with a younger dog as she could be too much for an older pup. She is great in her crate and will hang out in there with door open when it's quiet time in the house. Polly follows the resident dogs outside and learned right away what she's outside to do. She's a very sweet pup.

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