Add a Pair of Labs to Your family

Pairs often adjust to their new home more easily because they're used to relying on each other already.  Often, a pair has been living together for many years and we want to keep them together. 

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You can complete your application online using our easy to complete form. Once complete, your application will be forwarded to an Adoption Coordinator. It can take a week and more for your Adoption Coordinator to be in touch.

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If you are unable to complete our online application, you can download and print our application here.  Once completed, please fax to 1(888) 280-9798. Please note: Online applications are preferred.

Available Labs

Bentley (#180293) and Pebbles (#180294)

They say best friends bring out the best in each other! That’s the truth for Bentley and Pebbles - a bonded pair of buddies that love to be together. Bentley is an adorable hunk of chocolate who is house and crate trained, but could use a little help with his leash manners. He is gentle with children and good with other dogs. Pebbles is a sweet package with big black velvety ears and a pretty tricolor face. She rides well in the car and enjoys going for walks and being around kids.  These BFF’s are good with dogs, but no cats please. Approved for kids 8 and up.

Pebbles is a is a 10-year-old spayed female Beagle/Terrier mix. She has a low grade heart murmur and will have a consultation with the cardiologist. She will also need a dental. Lab Rescue will pay for it if it's done at one of our vets. Pebbles weighs 14 pounds. Bentley is a 6 year-old neutered chocolate male. Bentley weighs 76 pounds.

These two are inseparable and looking for their forever home to share their lives with.

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Brody #2 (#180352) and Remington (#180353)

These two neutered boys are a bonded pair who must be adopted together and are approved for humans ages 6 and up. Brody is a chocolate 8 year old who weighs 75 and Remington, aka Remi, is a black 1.5 year old who weighs 84 pounds. These two guys have been together since Remington was a puppy and they share a proclivity for tail wagging and rolling over for belly rubs. They would love a big yard where they could play, with some type of fence to contain these good boys. They must go to a single-family, detached home in rural or suburban area.  These guys are owner give ups who lived with young children and Brody had run of the house while Remi was crated when alone since he is a youngster. Remi is heartworm positive and Lab Rescue will provide Remington's Heartworm treatment, at no cost to the adopter, at one of our designated vets. Brody is heartworm negative but will need to be tested in six months because we do not have a record of him being on preventives. 

 Watch these two play on YouTube

Deeogee (#180160) & Maggie (#180159)

Deeogee is a 6 yr old yellow neutered male and Maggie is a 6 yr old black spayed female.  They weigh 21 and 67 lbs respectively.  They are up to date on vaccinations and are heartworm negative.  Deeogee and Maggie are a bonded pair and must be adopted together.  Maggie and Deeogee have been together since Maggie wandered up to owners house when she was about two. They are both affectionate and like to be petted. Maggie loves to have her belly rubbed. Deeogee thinks he is should be a LapLab, he is the right size but doesn't quite make the cut for being a lab. Maggie is the leader and Deeogee follows everyplace she goes. Maggie likes to retrieve and Deeogee watches. They would like a family that has a fenced yard and will give them the love and exercise they need. These great dogs are housebroken and are good with other dogs. They are good with cats and approved for ages 7 and up, up to date on vaccinations and heartworm negative.

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Foxy (#180328) and Rocky #2 (#180325)

Rocky and Foxy are an adorable pair of affectionate pups who love belly rubs and ear massages and will gladly reciprocate with kisses. They are looking for their forever home since their previous owner passed away. Rocky is the handsome guy with a frosted face and Foxy is the pretty peanut butter and vanilla swirl. Foxy is the more dominant of the two and Rocky is happy to follow her lead. They are excellent in the car and like their dog beds. Both are a little nervous about thunderstorms and loud noises so might do best in a quiet home where they can learn to enjoy the simple pleasures like napping in a dog bed and sunbathing in the yard.

They are good with other dogs, no cat history, but they didn't mind the ones they met at the vet's, so they may be good with cats. They are approved for kids 8 and up.

Rocky is an 8-year-old neutered black male Lab. Foxy is an 11-year-old spayed female Jack Russel Terrier. Foxy is on glucosamine supplements for age-related arthritis.

Update from foster mom - They were excellent in the car -- so much so that the seat towel was undisturbed 45 minutes later when we arrived home. Whenever Foxy looks at Foster Mom, she does the prettiest smile. Rocky is more camera shy. After stopping at the empty dog park to sniff and take care of business, Foxy quickly settled on a dog bed at home while it took Rocky a few minutes of pacing and looking out the window before he settled behind FM's desk chair. If you pet one, the other is always nearby to get his/her share of attention, but neither is pushy about it. They are now relaxing side by side on a dog bed.

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Henry (#170904) and GirlyGirl (#170903)

Henry and GirlyGirl (GG) are hanging out, making their foster laugh and being good while they wait for their furever family. They were part of 5 dogs that were surrendered after their family lost their home. They didn’t come from the best of situations, but they were loved.

Henry and GG love new people to visit and the attention that comes with meeting new folks. Theyare a bonded pair and need to stay together. They are NOT fond of other dogs and should be the only dogs in the house. They are OK to go for walks, the vet etc. They are goofy and silly and fun with each other (they are brother and sister and have been together all their life). They are super good in their crates but would be fine out of them as well.

Henry and GG are good passengers and do okay on a leash, especially once they are comfortable with their person and surroundings. Approved for ages 10 and up. They paid no mind to the cats at the vet so cats may work.
Henry is a 10 year old black male that weighs 45 pounds. GirlyGirl is a 10 year old black female that weighs 43 lbs.  
These sweet frosted faces would love a quiet retirement home!
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Piggy (#180369) and Pancake (#180368)

Two times the cuteness and fun. Piggy and Pancake are an adorable bonded pair who must be adopted together; they are inseparable and have been together since they were pups. These precious neutered yellow males are current on vaccines, two years old, good with cats and dogs, and approved for humans ages 10 and up. Pancake weighs in at 47 pounds and is heartworm negative. Piggy weighs 45 pounds and is heartworm positive.  Lab Rescue will provide Piggy's Heartworm treatment, at no cost to the adopter, at one of our designated vets. 

Piggy is more outgoing while Pancake will stay back and wait a bit before joining in.  These guys were given up when their owner could no longer care for them and they look forward to finding a forever home together. Both are a little confused as to why they are in Lab Rescue and where their family is, but they seem to be doing well and are trying to make the best of their circumstances. They are looing for a family that can give them the love they are used to. They require a fence and must go to a single-family, detached home in the suburbs or a rural area. These guys are crate trained and know some commands. 

Update from this pair's foster family - Jun 11, 2018: Piggy and Pancake charmed the crowds at the AALD but are still looking for their forever family. These two pocket sized pooches are fun loving, sweet and absolutely adorable. They're ready to provide years of happiness, silly antics, and kisses!  Piggy and Pancake are inseparable. They must have eye contact with each other at all times.  

 See the fun and cuteness in action on YouTube.