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Marley was picked up by Animal Control in his North Carolina town, where he was chained outside his owner's home. He was underweight and his coat was noticeably bleached by his outdoor lifestyle. Once at the local shelter, Marley received some initial vetting and tested positive for Heartworm disease. 

Heartworm disease is an infection that starts with the bite of an infected mosquito. From there, the mosquito's larvae penetrate into a dog’s tissue and eventually enter the heart and lungs. Left untreated, animals with heartworm disease will suffer for several years and then die. The disease can be easily prevented with year-round administration of a heartworm preventative. But that care had not happened for Marley and now he needed treatment to stop the disease from advancing. This treatment is expensive and many local shelters simply don't have the funds to be able to provide it for the many, many dogs who test positive for heartworm each year. As a result, heartworm positive dogs are the first to be euthanized.  

But the shelter contacted Lab Rescue to see if we could help. And we did.


Marley is now in our care, gaining weight, receiving treatment, and hoping to soon find a forever home that will look out for his health and well-being for the rest of his days. His foster calls him "Mr. Wonderful" and says that his zest for life and quest for human affection will just warm your heart. 

Marley's story is sadly not unique. He is one of the 97 heartworm positive dogs that Lab Rescue has treated this year, often when other shelters had already turned them away. As we expand our intake areas and operations further into North Carolina, where the need is even greater, this number will quickly grow. We are proud to be able to give these dogs the chance they deserve to live long, healthy lives. But we cannot do this without your support.


Please consider making a donation on behalf of Marley and his many friends, past and present, who need to be nursed back to good health. It is with your donation that we can change their lives and ensure that they are placed in loving forever homes where they are never at risk for this disease again.


Marley, Now:

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