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#GivingTuesday—Help Us Help the Labs in 2023

Being an animal rescue often means making tough choices on behalf of our beloved best friends. Many of the dogs that come to us each week are relatively healthy and happy pups; typically only one or two have more dramatic health concerns. But there are always those few dogs who come into our arms with urgent needs. We desperately want to help them all, but we simply do not have the financial resources to support them while still answering the pleas from our shelter partners and continuing to support the dogs who are with us.

We cannot deliver lifesaving care for all of these sweet and loving Labs without your support. These are costs above and beyond what we face bringing the healthiest dogs on board, vetting them, ensuring they are spayed or neutered, and on preventive medicines. We know how much many of you have already given in this tough year, and we cannot thank you enough. So we will ask one more time in 2022 for your financial help. Sadly, there is never an end to Labs needing our help, but Lab Rescue is always there for the Labs. We need your help as much as ever.

Did you know? To support charitable donations, the IRS is allowing you to deduct up to $300 this year, even if you take the standard deduction!

Rico Giving Tuesday.jpg

Rico arrived at Lab Rescue weighing 49 pounds (he should be closer to 70). He is heartworm positive and has intestinal parasites among a host of other health issues. Despite his medical challenges, he still wags his tail and offers kisses. He is getting excellent medical care thanks to Lab Rescue and will soon be ready to join his forever family. When you donate on #GivingTuesday, you are helping labs like Rico. Thanks to generous donors, he is safely in a foster family getting stronger every day.

Titan Giving Tuesday.jpg

The Titans of Greek Mythology were immortal giants of great strength and power. Given what this beautiful boy has been through, his name certainly suits him. Titan is a strong, handsome 2-year-old yellow fellow with sweet, soulful brown eyes, long silky ears, and a tail that won’t stop wagging despite his rough beginning. Titan was surrendered to the shelter because his owners no longer wanted him after he was attacked by two resident dogs and sustained some wounds to his neck. He transferred to the vet where his

wounds became infected causing a lump in his throat that left him gasping for air and almost unable to breathe. His condition escalated to needing emergency care and a few small miracles later, this survivor is ready to find a family who will help him recover and give him the second chance he deserves.

Twilight Giving Tuesday.jpg

Precious Twilight is ready for a brand new day! This poor girl was brought in by animal control completely infested with fleas and with resulting skin infections. She was a mess but a happy one. That’s a Lab for you. We'll have her on the mend in no time though! At the shelter, they found that she was very friendly and affectionate--she has a perfect Lab lean and is very comfortable with people handling her, even with her poor skin condition and ear infections! We'll update Twilight’s condition again as we learn more! She is nowhere near her twilight, more like her new horizon. And wait until you see her new winter coat!

Three Dogs Whose Tails Prove the Value of What We Do

You don’t have to be a Federal or State employee to give!

For a limited time, every dollar you give will be doubled. Make your donation count!

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#GivingTuesday Lab Rescue LRCP, P.O. Box 1814, Annandale, VA 22003

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