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As the donor of the stock, your investment house or broker should have the necessary forms to transfer the stock. 


Below is Lab Rescue's account information for accepting donations of stock or other securities:


Account name: Lab Rescue of LRCP, Inc.

Vanguard account number: 34264927

Our Federal ID number: 52-1880024

Our address of record:  PO Box 1814, Annandale, VA 22003


Address to which the donation must be sent:


455 Devon Park Drive

Wayne, PA 19087-1815


Questions: 888-888-7064



Your broker likely knows about the requirements to make such a transfer, but we have included them below just in case.


The donation of stock certificates must include a Letter of instruction.

The letter of instruction tells us [Vanguard] to deposit the certificates in Lab Rescue's brokerage account. It must include:

  • A statement such as the following: “I [We] understand that I [we] will be relinquishing title and may give up some or all ownership and rights.”

  • The name of the corporation, the security’s CUSIP number (a unique identifier of a security), the number of shares as listed on the certificate, and the certificate number.

  • The number of the account into which the stock will be deposited. (Please write this account number in the upper-right corner of each certificate.) 



Medallion Signature Guarantee


The letter of instruction and the certificates must be signed in the presence of an authorized officer of a bank, brokerage firm, or other acceptable financial institution that participates in the Medallion signature guarantee program to certify that signatures are genuine. A notary public can’t provide a signature guarantee.

To avoid processing delays, sign (endorse) the back of each certificate exactly as the name or names appear on its face.

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