Lab Rescue of the LRCP rescues, fosters and place homeless, abused and / or abandoned Labrador Retrievers in the Mid-Atlantic region of the USA.  We provide veterinary care, spay / neuter the Lab and place it with foster families where they are loved while they await adoption.

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Henry (#170904) and GirlyGirl (#170903)

Sep 9, 2018: They are a wonderful pair of 10 year old seniors who have had a rough life. You see they lived in a multi dog household and they were bullied and had to fend for themselves so they are not too fond of others dogs. But they love and protect each other and they love people! They are healthy and playful, very spry for seniors. They are about 45 lbs each so don't take up too much room. They are house and crate trained but don't really need a crate. They are comical, funny, affectionate and would love to be lap dogs if you will let them. These sweet seniors need nothing more than a home without other dogs, a soft dog bed, TLC and your love. I KNOW there has to be someone out there that can give them that. I mean it is not very much to ask is it? If you are empty nesting and want to adopt or foster this super sweet pair, contact us today! GG and Henry are waiting!

Jul 10, 2018: Henry and GG just want a soft place to lay their head and someone to love them in their golden years This sweet, healthy, playful pair are a joy to be around. Even though they are not fond of other dogs, they LOVE each other and LOVE their humans. They are crate trained but don't need a crate, house trained, have great manners and are super low maintenance Won't you open your heart and home to this wonderful older pair of siblings? Help them put their rough first 10 years in the past and make the best of their senior years!

Jun 29, 2018: GG and Henry just don't understand why no one is coming to see them. They are such nice dogs! Even though they are not fond of other dogs due to being bullied in their previous home, they LOVE each other and LOVE people! They crate great but do not really need to be crated. They are house trained and have wonderful manners. They are just sweet, healthy seniors who are super low maintenance. They would love a furever home to live out their golden years! Isn't there someone out there for them??

Jun 22, 2018: Girly Girl(GG) and Henry are STILL waiting for someone to give them their retirement home. They are two sweet seniors who are super low maintenance and love each other. They are easy going and a little comical. Even though they are not to fond of other dogs (due to their previous situation and having to fend for themselves), they LOVE people and would just love a home together to relax and live out their golden years. We know there is a loving person out there that would like to chill with two sweet seniors . GG and Henry are hopeful we find them soon!

May 15, 2018: Henry and GG (GirlyGirl) are two sweet ol' seniors who would love a quiet retirement home to live out their lives. These siblings are 10 years old. They came from a rough beginning where they (and 3 others) were not socialized well with people or other dogs. Their foster/trainer as worked really hard with them and they are LOVING people now - anyone and everyone - anyone who will show them attention and love!! They are still not fond of other dogs in their space and should got to a home with no other dogs. But that's OK, they are entertaining on their own and keep each other company!! We don't have any real cat history but on a few brief kitty encounters they did not seem to mind the cats at all. Won't someone open up their heart and home to a couple of oldsters who just want a soft place to lay their head for their golden years? they are petite at 45-50 lbs, house trained, comical and sweet! Come meet them in Amelia VA!!

May 3, 2018: Henry and GG are still hanging out, making their foster laugh and being good while they wait for their furever family. Sweet frosted faces would love a quiet retirement home! Henry and GirlyGirl (GG) are hanging out, making their foster laugh and being good while they wait for their furever family. They were part of 5 dogs that were surrendered after their family lost their home. They didn’t come from the best of situations, but they were loved.

Henry and GG love new people to visit and the attention that comes with meeting new folks. They are a bonded pair and need to stay together. They are NOT fond of other dogs and should be the only dogs in the house. They are OK to go for walks, the vet etc. They are goofy and silly and fun with each other (they are brother and sister and have been together all their life). They are super good in their crates but would be fine out of them as well.

Henry and GG are good passengers and do okay on a leash, especially once they are comfortable with their person and surroundings. Approved for ages 10 and up. They paid no mind to the cats at the vet so cats may work.
Henry is a 10 year old black male that weighs 45 pounds. GirlyGirl is a 10 year old black female that weighs 43 lbs.  
These sweet frosted faces would love a quiet retirement home!
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Adoption Day: Sunday, October 14, Gaithersburg, MD

Date: Sunday, October 14, 2018
Time: 10:30 am - 12:30 pm
218 Kentlands Blvd.
Gaithersburg, MD. 20878


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Remember that relationships don't just happen.  They take time and effort and along the way there may be bumps in the road.  That's to be expected but there are things that you can do to ease everyone's transition.  Don't be surprised by the occasional naughty behavior; it's normal.

If you have a question that doesn't appear in our resources section then please reach out to your adoption coordinator and he or she can get you the answers that you need.

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