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Heartworm Treatment for Ranger

Ranger is a sweet boy who loves to explore during his walks. He also has heartworm disease, which can be fatal if left untreated. Ranger needs help covering the costs of his three month treatment. 



Butch Needs a Senior Exam

Butch is a gentle lovebug who is so excited to come to Lab Rescue and find a place to spend his golden years. This senior gentleman needs special vet visit to make sure he's aging gracefully.



Heartworm Treatment for Mason

Mason wasn't given preventatives he needs to stay safe from Heartworm disease, so now he is hoping to get your help in recovering from this condition. Can you ensure Mason gets healthy?



Medication for Zeke

Zeke is thrilled to be off the streets and safe with a Lab Rescue foster home. At the vet, he tested positive for Lyme disease and needs a 30-day supply of medication to get rid of it. Can you help Zeke get well?



Molly Needs A Lot of Vet TLC

**FULFILLED** Molly loves to have fun, but she has a lot of vet needs that are holding her back: she needs two rotten teeth removed and to be treated for a tickborne disease, along with a spay. 



Lulu Was Hit by a Car

Sweet Lulu arrived to Lab Rescue with a broken pelvis after being hit by a car—she was found lying in a ditch by a good Samaritan. She needs surgery so she can find the home of her dreams!



A Spay for Sandy

Sandy is a beautiful girl who loves a good snuggle-fest—something that she might not have had very much until now. Sandy's days of birthing puppies are behind her and she needs to be spayed. Can you help?



Duke Needs Help with Training

Duke is a sweet and loving country boy who hasn't been taught or exposed to much. He could really use some one-on-one training to help him learn manners so that he can find his forever home. 



Daisy Mae Needs a Vet Check-Up

Daisy Mae is a happy and active 11-month old cutie who was surrendered by her owner without any proof of vet care. She needs a full vet visit to make sure she's healthy. Would you like to help her?




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