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Before you apply via the link below, please read some of our frequently asked questions about adopting...

How much time does it take

to complete an application?

In order to find your perfect Lab match, we use the application as a way to get to know you and your preferences. The application typically takes 30-45 minutes to complete but you can save and revisit it at any point. While the application is mobile-friendly, we recommend that you complete it on a computer due to its length.

What kind of criteria do you consider when making a match?

A lot of things! We always look for matches against your preferences on personality, gender, color, and energy level. But we also consider other qualities about a dog, including: their experience with children, experience with cats or other dogs, fence requirements, and setting/dwelling needs. To learn more about some of these criteria, visit the links above.

How long does it take

to adopt a Lab?

You will hear from your Adoption Coordinator (AC) within a week to schedule an interview via phone. After that, you’ll work with the AC, who will help guide your search for the perfect Lab match. We prioritize those who are ready to adopt immediately.

What happens when you 

call my vet?

Because we see many Labs that come from situations where their health has been neglected, we seek to place them in future homes where they will receive regular vet visits and recommended preventatives. Chatting with your vet’s office and ensuring a positive vet history helps us achieve that important mission.

Do you only adopt to

certain areas of the US?

Yes! We adopt to homes located in Virginia, Maryland, DC, Delaware, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. Adopters must be willing to travel to meet Labs in foster homes located in Virginia, Maryland, or DC. If you live in other states, we hope you’ll search for rescues in your area.

How often do new Labs

join the rescue?

Everyday, multiple times a day! We are constantly welcoming new Labs into the rescue, as well as finding homes for Labs that are currently with us. The dogs listed in Available Labs is a good way start to learning more, but you will find your best match by submitting an application and working directly with an Adoption Coordinator.

PLEASE NOTE: Although it is mobile-friendly, the adoption application is easier to complete on a laptop or desktop computer due to its length. You do not have to complete the full application in one sitting; you can save and revisit the application at any time.

Experiencing issues with the application? Email for technical support.

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