Courtesy Listings

Lab Rescue is happy to highlight dogs available with individual owners, fosters and other rescue organizations.  Each dog's profile include contact information if you are interested in learning more about that dog.  If you would like to list a dog on our Courtesy Page, please email  Include pictures and a write up about your dog and contact information.  

Lab Rescue has no association and has not evaluated the dogs listed on this page.


Cody is a 13 month old neutered male. He is house trained and crate trained. He is a fun loving and happy boy who loves walks and play. Cody is great with other dogs and ignores cats. He would be best with older children as he is an exuberant boy who will need some continued basic training. He is being rehomed as his current family loves him very much but are older and not able to handle a young, energetic pup.

Please contact Katie Locks for more information. (804)283-5333 Asking for a donation to Lab Rescue LRCP in lieu of an adoption fee.


Chase is a 10-month-old AKC registered male yellow lab. He comes with his papers. Chase is a friendly, happy young pup who likes other dogs. Chase is perfect except for one thing: His previous owners did not teach him correct manners regarding food and treats, and so he needs to go to training to learn to not resource guard.

Please contact the Animal Welfare League of Queen Anne’s County at or (410) 827-7178.


Benelli is a 6 year old chocolate lab. Unlike her brother Drake, she is very energetic and loves long walks. We would love for them to go together, but they also do great apart.

Please contact the Animal Welfare League of Queen Anne’s County at or (410) 827-7178.


Drake is an 8 year old chocolate lab. He is a bit overweight so is currently on a diet. He is pretty lazy but does not mind going on short walks. He is definitely photogenic and will steal your heart!

Please contact the Animal Welfare League of Queen Anne’s County at or (410) 827-7178.


Trigger is a 3 year old chocolate lab! He is very energetic and is crazy about toys! Trigger needs someone to give him a job and lots of love!

Please contact the Animal Welfare League of Queen Anne’s County at or (410) 827-7178.


Drako is a 5 year old yellow lab. He is such a sweetheart once he is out of the cage. He can be scared and bark in his cage but just needs to be given the chance to show what a good boy he is!

Please contact the Animal Welfare League of Queen Anne’s County at or (410) 827-7178.


Boomer is a 16 month old neutered male who lives with our family which includes our 3 year old daughter and our other shelter dog who is a Boxer mix. We are looking for a home for Boomer with a fenced backyard where he will be the only dog in the household. Boomer enjoys playing with our other dog and chewing on bones/ropes but Boomer gets jealous when we give attention to our other dog. He absolutely loves our daughter and is very good with her. Boomer is a black lab possibly mixed with German Shepherd. Boomer is housebroken and up to date on his shots. He is a very loyal, loving dog and likes to relax during the daytime and run around in the evening. He knows how to "sit" and "stay" and gets very excited to see us when we return home. Boomer is current home is in Fontana, CA. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Joe & Melissa Minisquero
(909) 646-0496


Artemus is a three-year-old lab mix with plenty of energy to go around. He loves to play with all toys and chews and does well with other dogs, once he has gotten the chance to know them! He LOVES walks and running on a leash and has learned the “leave it” command. He is house broken, up to date on all vaccines, knows several commands (sit, stay, come, down) and does great in his crate. He loves to be a part of the action if you have company over, and if you are going for a car ride, he will be the first one to volunteer to come along! He is super affectionate, and will opt to sit ON you any chance he can get. He does well with kids, however due to his size and energy level would probably do better with older kids (8+). He was very interested when meeting a cat, so might do better in a house without them. Artemus would be an amazing addition to anyone who lives an active lifestyle and is looking for a companion to share their adventures! Please contact for an application today.


King is a sweet 7 month old lab. He is very friendly and gets along with dogs, cats and children. He is still a puppy and would be a great addition to any family. He is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. King is looking for a foster or adopter and is located in Windsor, PA. Please contact The Last Dog Rescue at


Annie is believed to be a mix of Lab and Golden Retriever and about 7 years old.  Annie is completely house trained and always sleeps soundly through the night.  She weighs 66 lbs. and is very strong.  Annie is extremely affectionate and loves attention. Although she knows commands like sit, lay down, and give me your paw, she can be quite stubborn when you tell her to come while she is busy sniffing around. She enjoys being brushed, having her belly rubbed, and getting massages. Annie likes to take walks so that she can sniff everything in sight or go for a quick swim in a river.  We are working with her to walk better on a leash and she is making lots of improvements.  Because she was a stray, her forever home should be adult only or with kids over 14. Annie is still working on learning how to approach unknown people and animals while being walked in public. 

Annie is very fearful and we are working with a trainer to help her improve.  She is friendly with anyone who comes in the house and wants them to pet her.  She does better around people than other dogs.  When other dogs come to visit, she wants nothing to do with them.  She seems a little curious and a little fearful.  We don’t know how Annie is with cats, but she will try to chase them if she is out on a leash being walked. Annie likes car rides although she does get anxious when getting into the car and out of the car; we are working with her to calm down during these times. Annie would probably do the best with someone who lives on either a big lot with a fence, or on a farm where she doesn’t need neighborhood walks for exercise.  Annie cannot be crated; we believe she may have been neglected and left in a cage for long periods of time. Annie is healthy and only takes a daily joint supplement for the beginning stages of arthritis. We recommend that her Forever Family continue to see a trainer if she will need to be walked in a neighborhood. If you are looking for a great companion to keep you company, Annie may be for you!

Annie is with GRREAT, a Golden Retriever rescue.  If you are interested in adopting her, you will need to go through GRREAT's approval process.  Please contact for more information about Annie or to get started on their approval process.