Available Seniors

Bobo (#170077)

Bobo is a 10 yr old neutered yellow male.  He weighs 95 lbs, is up to date on vaccinations and is heartworm negative.  He is good with dogs and cats.  Bobo is approved for ages 10 and up.   Bobo is a sweet, gentle, and big guy that loves to follow you around the house and be by your side. He is very calm and quiet and rides in the car well.  If you didn't see him, you wouldn't know he was there.  He needs to lose about 15-20 pounds.  He has a little arthritis, nothing unusual for his age, so stairs are a little rough on him, so the smaller number of stairs, the better.  This should also improve with losing the weight.  He loves, loves to be brushed.  He will lay on your lap so you can brush him while he takes a nap.  Bobo is truly a gentle giant that just wants love and to be by you.  He's an awesome guy!

Daisy #3 (#160289) 

Daisy is an 11 year old spayed yellow female who is current on vaccines and heartworm negative. This sweet senior who used to do field trials in her younger days is in need of some TLC after a rough few years. She is good with dogs but would prefer to be a solo dog or with another very submissive dog. She is good with cats and is approved for kids aged 10 and up. Daisy weighs 54 pounds. Since coming to Lab Rescue she has perked up considerably thanks to good nutrition and finally getting the veterinary care she needed. She should not be crated, must go to a home with a fenced in yard (no invisible fences) and have people who are not gone for long periods, because this girl loves company. 

 Watch silly Daisy with her new food-dispensing ball. 

Update from Daisy's foster family - Feb 23, 2017: DAISY is an 11 year old little sweetheart who has the energy level and agility of a younger girl!! She is like little miss energizer bunny! She is a great retriever of tennis balls, and likes interactive food toys. She is one SMART pup! Daisy knows a lot of commands and has excellent recall. She loves nothing better than to go for sniff walks, but does pull on leash - so a well fitted Easy Walk harness is recommended. Daisy needs a fenced yard due to her 'hunting nose'...she will get on the scent of something very quickly, and keep following it! Daisy LOVES human attention! Daisy has lived with cats. She would prefer to have one quiet dog to hang out with or to get all of the attention herself! Daisy would thrive with someone home more than not. When left, a stuffed marrow bone will keep her busy. She does not like to be crated and doesn’t need it. Daisy eats well and needs to be maintained on a limited ingredient diet for skin allergies. She hasn't lived with kids so she's approved for kids 10 and up. 

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Dozer #2 (#160473)

 Watch Dozer play tug with his human foster brother

Watch Dozer swim. 

Dozer is a black, neutered male who weighs 79 pounds. He's ten years old and is current on vaccines and is heartworm negative. Dozer is unknown with cats, good with dogs and approved for ages 10 and up. He is a handsome Lab who is active and healthy. And he loves people! He walks great on leash, knows many commands, and likes car rides; however, he needs to be restrained in the car because he likes to drive. This big guy has not had lots of training, so he is looking for that with his new family and is looking for a single family home in the suburbs or a rural area with a solid six foot fence. No invisible fences for this guy and he cannot be taken off leash in open spaces. Dozer needs a patient family who will understand that he has been living outdoors for much of his life, and now as a senior he needs a comfy, loving home with caring humans who will see that he gets the training, love and comfort he requires.

Update from Dozer’s Foster Family - Jan 27, 2017: Dozer is a very friendly guy, but doesn't jump on people. He kind of bounces up and down in a happy/funny way when he is excited. Dozer likes balls and stuffed animals, long walks and like most labs, enjoys any food you want to give him! He is house trained and does not need to be crated, but will check out your countertops if you leave snacks unattended. Dozer strongly believes age is just a number and has more pep in his step than the average 10 year old! 

Jan 25, 2017: Dozer is a character. I spent time with him over the weekend, and I couldn't believe how energetic he was. He loves to go for walks and is strong, so must be walked with an Easy Walk harness. He is a happy-go-lucky boy who has no clue of his age. This boy has places to go and says he feels half his age. If you want to meet Dozer and free up a foster home for another needy senior dog at the shelter, this is your chance to gain a walking companion and snuggler on the couch. 

Jan 20, 2017: Dozer is a happy go lucky pup. He's very active and playful for his age and is looking for a human he can have fun with. Dozer likes to give kisses and de-stuff the occasional stuffed animal. He enjoys playing outside and requires a fence to make sure he doesn't go out seeking new friends. He walks well on leash and has beautiful eyes! He's a big fan of frozen Peanut Butter Kongs and has good house manners. 
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Layla (#160774) & Gage (#160775)

Layla and Gage are a bonded pair of Labs who must be adopted together.  Layla is an 11 year old chocolate female, up to date on her shots and heartworm negative. Gage is a 6 year old chocolate male, up to date on his shots and heartworm negative. They are both good with cats and are approved for kids aged 5 and up. Layla weighs 78 lbs and Gage weighs 85.  They walk well on a leash and can be left at home, uncrated for several hours at a time.  They know basic commands.  They both have great manners and are happy, happy dogs who love being with their people. 

Update from their foster family - Jan 25, 2017:

Layla and Gage are sweet and thrive on getting attention. They are great family dogs and especially love children. They get very excited for walks and mealtime. Gage is full of energy and could use a bit more training on the leash. Layla still loves retrieving squeaky toys. They would love to find their own family so another needy dog could take up their space in their foster home. If you love chocolate labs, please take a look at this awesome pair. 

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Sponsored by Elizabeth McFarland who also says 'bonded pairs are the best way to get two best friends all at once. We love you Layla & Gage, Love Morgan, River & Miss Daisy'
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Pokie (#160433)

Pokie is an 8 year old neutered chocolate male. He is up to date on his shots and is heartworm negative.  He is good with other dogs and is approved for kids aged 10 and up. He weighs 61 lbs. Pokie is diabetic and partially blind. Pokie is a sweet and mellow guy looking for a family who can take care of him and is committed to helping him with his diabetes. All he needs is an insulin injection in the morning and one at night at regular times. In return, he will stay close to you and shower you with love.

Update from Pokie's foster on Oct 7, 2016: While he may be partially blind, Pokie has no problem getting around. He loves to play and is OBSESSED with his "babies". He sleeps with them, goes outside to go potty with them and just loves holding them in his mouth. Pokie is diabetic, but is very good getting his shots twice a day. He will happily do anything for a treat. Pokie is such a sweetie! 
Update from Pokie's foster family Jul 24, 2016:  Pokie is such a sweet boy. He is very friendly and loves to be with people. He has been doing well navigating his foster home and will do steps when his foster mom says "step." His foster mom reports that it is very easy to give him his insulin. Give this boy a chance and he will reward you with so much love and loyalty. 

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