Blind Dogs Never Look Back

Best Traits
1. Adaptable
2. Scent oriented

Best match

Blind dogs do best with consistency.  They want a home where the furniture doesn't get moved around every few weeks and where there's lots of new things going on all the time.  Routine and consistency are the blind dog's best friend.

A Personal Story - Teddy - Adapted Even as a Senior in our Home

By Carol Lagundo - Lab Rescue Volunteer

Teddy was a senior when we adopted him and was already blind but we don't know if he was blind from birth.

I kept him on leash in the house when he first arrived, walking him through each room and giving him the opportunity to sniff everything, learn the layout and to maneuver around all the furniture. I was initially apprehensive introducing him to the 13 stairs from our deck to the back yard and instead walked him through the garage to the front yard that first week so that he only had to traverse 2 stairs. He walked slowly as he learned the layout of the house and I’d wince when he bumped into furniture and walls. I think it was more painful for me to witness than for him to actually experience. A week into his stay, I accidentally left our deck door open. To my surprise and amazement, Teddy ventured onto the deck, found the stairs and went down into the yard all on his own. While I panicked looking for him in the house, he was exploring the backyard. 

Once he settled in, we couldn't even tell he was blind; he was just a member of our family.